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Paint Historic Wells & Somerset

Susannah Garland

1st - 5th July 2024


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Paint in the historic City of Wells and

surrounding Somerset countryside

with Susannah Garland where you will

paint subjects such as Vicar's Close

with its stone buildings, Bishop's

Palace with its moat and the medieval


We will get into the Somerset

countryside and paint places such as

Kilver Court and/or Nunney.

Her teaching style is one of

encouragement, guidance and

suggestion. She believes that students

need inspiration and enthusiasm.

You will be guided through the

different elements of watercolours and

brushes, watercolour techniques,

colour mixing, and tonal quality. With

Wells Cathedral as one of our subjects,

she will demonstrate perspective,

simplifying it into an easy


She believes that anyone can draw,

given the help to see things through

simple observation. Drawing is

essential. Susannah paints in

watercolour, with ink but will add

pastel or watercolour pencils to

achieve the results she wants.

Whether you are a complete beginner

or an accomplished artist, there is

always something new to discover.

She believes that we never stop

learning and can learn from each



Susannah Garland


Mon 1st July


Fri 5th July


Wells, Somerset


Swan Hotel, Wells





  Single Room


  Single Occ


  Double Occ