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Steve Hall

Steve Hall was born and educated in

Bath, a city which is just on the edge of

the Mendip Hills. His inspiration to paint

comes from his love of the countryside

with it's ever changing moods and this

is evident in his paintings.

Steve taught building and architecture

for many years and during this time

developed an acute awareness of the

shape and form of the natural world

around him.

After twenty five years in Further

Education Steve left his post as an

Assistant College Principal to embark

on a totally new career in watercolour

painting. His former teaching

knowledge stood him in good stead

and since 1996 has steadily built up an

annual portfolio of courses across

many parts of the UK and Spain.

Winning Watercolours

Classic Edward Wesson Watercolours



Paint Vibrant Pastel Landscapes

Steve Hall

8th - 11th July

Steve Hall Wye Valley

Type : Studio

Media : Pastels

Single Occupancy £595

Double Occupancy £570

Non-Painter £370


Paint Beautiful Cotswolds Villages

Steve Hall

5th - 9th June 2023

Steve Hall South Cotswolds

Type : Location

Media : Watercolour

Single Occupancy £875

Double Occupancy £795

Non-Painter £575