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Melissa Wishart

Melissa was born in Bermuda and lived

there until she was seven. When she

was 18 and working in London, Melissa

attended St Martins School of Art part

time and whilst studying for her

honours degree at Edinburgh

University she also attended Edinburgh

College of Art part-time.

Melissa's early career was as a

documentary film-maker for television

to create large scale video projections

in theatre and site specific settings for

artists, dancers and actors. During this

time she continued to paint and as

success grew for her paintings through

group exhibitions, her time became

more focussed around oil painting.

Melissa loves light, water, life, skies,

landscapes, the sea in all its moods

and the human body. Portraiture

allows her to explore different

emotions, energies, atmospheres and




Paint Beautiful Villages & Countryside of Cordoba

Melissa Wishart

2nd - 9th November 2024

Melissa Wishart Cordoba, Spain

Type : Location

Media : Watercolour, Acrylic, Oils

Single Occupancy £1,575

Double Occupancy £1,425

Non-Painter £1,025