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Jantien Powell

Jantien grew up on a small hill farm in

South Wales. She has always loved to

draw and paint and felt that living on

an isolated farm really helped her to

develop those skills while she was

young. She loves to paint life as she

sees it around her, the beautiful Welsh

countryside, the hill farms and their

inhabitants. She now lives and paints in

the beautiful countryside near

Abergavenny, South Wales.

She paints a wide range of subjects

including landscape, seascape,

animals, people and still life and

although she works predominantly in

acrylics, she also uses a range of

medium including oils, inks and collage.

Colour and pattern are prominent

themes within her work. She loves to

pick out the most unexpected colours

in a scene and to experiment with the

way that they can alter the dynamic of

an image.

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Paint Dramatic Dartmoor, rivers and moorland villages

Jantien Powell

15th - 19th May 2023

Jantien Powell Dartmoor National Park

Type : Sketching & Painting

Media : Acrylic, Pastels

Single Occupancy £825

Double Occupancy £750

Non-Painter £525


Paint the Amazing Light & Colour of the Western Algarve

Jantien Powell

10th - 17th October 2023

Jantien Powell Western Algarve

Type : Location

Media : Acrylic, Pastels

Single Occupancy £1,560

Double Occupancy £1,360

Non-Painter £1,075