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Ian McManus

Ian was born in a small village just

outside Cambridge, and while at

school, the only subject he was really

interested in was art, particularly relief

sculpture. He has have done a variety

of jobs throughout his life, none of

which fulfil the creative side of his

nature and that's probably why thirty

years or so after leaving school, he

decided to take up art again.

Ian began with acrylics and then

moved on to oils but was never happy

with his efforts. He realised he needed

to learn the art of painting from the

beginning again and enrolled in an art

course at the local college. However,

the only course available was for

watercolour, so he thought he'd give it

a go!

From there on he was hooked on

watercolour and now paints

exclusively in that medium.

One Hour Watercolour Demo



Paint Beautiful Cotswolds Villages

Ian McManus

19th - 23rd June 2023

Ian McManus South Cotswolds

Type : Location

Media : Watercolour

Single Occupancy £875

Double Occupancy £795

Non-Painter £575