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Steve Griggs

Steve's love of watercolour started in

elementary school, when his mother

purchased his first 'real' watercolour

set with six tubes of paint. He later

graduated from Michigan State

University with a BA in Studio Art and

then attended Art Centre College of

Design in Pasadena, California. Over

the years Steve has developed a free

and energetic style. He loves teaching

and encouraging others to become

freer with their paintings too. He is

always pushing himself to grow and


"I have always been drawn to

watercolour painting; I appreciate the

unique flow of paint, the melting

colour, the way light takes shape and

comes alive on the paper.

Watercolours are a bit free-spirited. As

an artist, I have had to learn that I will

never master the paint, but rather I

will work with it."



Paint Historic Wells & the Somerset Countryside

Steve Griggs

17th - 21st May 2020

Steve Griggs Wells, Somerset

Type : Location

Media : Watercolour

Single Occupancy £875

Double Occupancy £795

Non-Painter £535