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Sian Dudley

Sian Dudley is a qualified teacher with

over 20 years of experience in

teaching art to all ages. She is a largely

self-taught watercolourist with a

fascination for the way the medium

has a life of its own, making its own

contribution to the finished work. The

depth and clarity of colour, textural

marks, spontaneous expression and

fineness of detail that are possible in

watercolour have inspired an

experimental approach, allowing her

to explore a range of styles, from the

'tight' representation of botanical

illustration to much freer, almost

abstract paintings.

Sian always begins with a close direct

observation of her subject, using a

combination of sketching and

photographs as reference for paintings

that are completed in the studio. In

botanical subjects Sian's inspiration

comes from the effect of light through

petals and leaves, and a sense of

colour and pattern.

Watercolour Backgrounds Lesson: Daisies

How to Paint Leaves in Watercolour



Capturing the Beauty of Flowers & Gardens in watercolour

Sian Dudley

7th - 11th May

Sian Dudley Wells, Somerset

Type : Sketching & Painting

Media : Watercolour

Single Occupancy £895

Double Occupancy £795

Non-Painter £595