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Michal Jasiewicz

Michal Jasiewicz was born in Poland in

1977. He grew up in an art loving

family. He become an architect and

painted occasionally just for fun.

He then discovered he wanted to take

painting more seriously. He made a

few trips to European countries and

started exhibiting his works in local

galleries. Around 2010 he organised

several individual exhibitions and this

was when he realised he could become

a professional artist. Shortly after that

he became a member of the Polish

Watercolour Association.

Architectural subjects still feature in

much of his work. He is now a

recognized watercolour artist and has

been invited to take part in prestigious

events around the world. Articles have

been published about him in English,

French and Polish art magazines.



Paint Cornwall Harbours & The Rugged North Coast

Michal Jasiewicz

6th - 10th September 2021

Michal Jasiewicz North Cornwall Coast

Type : Location

Media : Watercolour

Single Occupancy £795

Double Occupancy £725

Non-Painter £525