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Dave White

Dave White works exclusively in

acrylics and is a well-known

demonstrator to art societies and

tutors in the South of England. He is an

exhibitor of his Animal Portraits work

at Crufts Dog show run by the Kennel

Club. Dave is the author of "Sea and

Sky in Acrylics" which is a worldwide

best seller as well Horses in Acrylics

and the soon to be published Painting

Dogs in Acrylics (Oct 2018). His

enthusiasm for acrylics is infectious

and he inspires joy in those he


His style is to demonstrate visually and

verbally to groups and enables

individuals to maximise their potential

with his one-to-one tuition.

He was also awarded the best

professional in the Experimental or

Abstract category of the SAA Artist of

the year 2015 competition.

Introducing Dave White

Painting Clouds Demo



Paint Sea & Sky in Acrylics

Dave White

29th - 2nd October

Dave White Wye Valley

Type : Studio

Media : Acrylic

Single Occupancy £620

Double Occupancy £595

Non-Painter £370


Paint Water, Reflections and Skies in Acrylics

Dave White

10th - 14th July 2023

Dave White Wye Valley

Type : Sketching & Painting

Media : Acrylic

Single Occupancy £795

Double Occupancy £760

Non-Painter £535