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Paint Vibrant Pastel Landscapes

Steve Hall

8th - 11th July


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Paint Vibrant Pastel Landscapes with

Steve Hall.

Following many years painting in

watercolour, Steve Hall now also

paints in pastel and enjoys the

vibrancy that this exciting new medium

has to offer.

During this three day studio based

course you will examine pastel

application techniques, painting

surfaces and complete a number of

landscape paintings from photographic

or sketch references. The course is

suitable for all levels of ability and

people wanting to try the medium for

the first time are welcome as well as

more experienced pastel painters.

Following a half day introduction of

materials and techniques we will get

straight down to producing pictures

and this will commence with a 'paint

along' exercise followed by individual

work. At the end of the three days it is

intended that course members will be

able to take away ideas and practices

that will aid their progress with this


Steve exhibits his work at the Bradford

Gallery. In addition, he is an Associate

Artist for Unison Colour and has

produced four pastel articles for the

Artist magazine.


Steve Hall


Fri 8th July


Mon 11th July


Wye Valley


Bells Hotel





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