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Paint Dramatic Skies in the Landscape in Watercolour

Stephen Coates

5th - 8th May 2024


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Paint Dramatic skies in the landscape in

Watercolour with Stephen Coates.

The sky is arguably the most important

part of any landscape painting and

requires a particular understanding of

the process in order to create

something special every time.

Stephen will show you a unique

approach to painting watercolour skies

including how to create a design, how

to perform expansive washes, how to

select colours and prepare the palette.

Stephen has vast experience in the

techniques required and he explains

them clearly and concisely.

Each day will feature a different topic.

You will study white clouds in a

summer sky, sunsets and sunbeams

breaking through a stormy sky. Each

one will consist of sketching, planning,

practice exercises and a completed

final painting.

Stephen will have some spare

materials if you dont have everything.

This holiday will give you an

unforgettable new experience and you

will return home completely inspired

with a whole new set of skills and

some exciting paintings that you are

very pleased with.


Stephen Coates


Sun 5th May


Wed 8th May


Wye Valley


Bells Hotel





  Single Room


  Single Occ


  Double Occ