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Learn to Paint Rivers, Valleys & Waterfalls

Rob Dudley

14th - 18th November 2021


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Learn to paint rivers, valleys and

waterfalls with Rob Dudley in Exmoor

National Park.

Exmoor is the ideal place to paint

water with it's meandering rivers,

cascading rivers, waterfalls, streams

and estuaries and coastal scenery and

Rob is your ideal tutor because he is

fascinated with the play of light on

water and how it sparkles and how the

colours and transparency changes.

With his enthusiastic approach, Rob

will share his tips and techniques, show

you how to gather information on

location, how to plan and develop the

painting back in the studio giving plenty

of one-to-one tuition. It's Rob's aim

through his help and guidance to

enable you to produce striking

paintings of river scenes full of light,

tone and colour.


Rob Dudley


Sun 14th November


Thu 18th November


Exmoor National Park


Simonsbath House




Sketching & Painting

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