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Paint the Beautiful Wye Valley

Peter Woolley

30th - 5th July


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Paint the beautiful Wye Valley with

Peter Woolley in Watercolour.

We will paint the River Wye with a

selection of Symonds Yat, Ross-on-

Wye, Tintern Abbey or Old Station and

the surrounding countryside including

castles, old ruins, bridges, cottages

and villages.

Peter will show you how to simplify the

scene in front of you in order to get a

pleasing composition. He will guide you

through a scene by painting a step-

by-step demonstration for those who

want it in order to illustrate the key

elements of each part of the picture

and how to build up the picture. For

those who wish to paint their own

scene he will give guidance to each

individual according to what they


His approachable style of teaching will

enable you to get the most out of your

paintings as he will assist you in this

process. He will give you plenty of

one-to-one tuition and will

demonstrate many tips and techniques

including the importance of tone and

colour. Peter will work hard in order

for you to achieve your goals.


Peter Woolley


Thu 30th June


Tue 5th July


Wye Valley


Bells Hotel





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