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Learn to Paint using Water Mixable Oils

Murray Ince

16th - 19th June 2023


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This studio course is designed to suit all

abilities whether you have never tried

water-mixable oils before or simply

wish to improve by adding new

techniques. There are many

misconceptions regarding water-

mixable oils. Anything you can do with

traditional oils can be done with

water-mixable oils and they are simple

to use and easy to clean.

In this course Murray who is the

founder of the "Society of Painters in

Water-Mixable Oils" will show you the

techniques used to paint all manner of

subjects in this interesting medium as

well as using the different mediums

available. By the end of the course you

will have gained all the knowledge and

confidence to tackle different subjects

and preparation of your surfaces, how

to use mediums, the techniques of

colour mixing, paint application as well

as some guidelines for composition,

perspective, tonal values, when to

varnish and other techniques.

The course is suitable for the complete

beginner and if you havent used

water-mixable oils for an extra 35 we

can supply all the materials you require

for the use during the course.


Murray Ince


Fri 16th June


Mon 19th June


Wye Valley


Bells Hotel





  Single Room


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  Double Occ