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Portraits in Oils

Mike Skidmore

9th - 12th September


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Learn to Paint Portraits in Oils with

Mike Skidmore.

We will produce two paintings over

three days.

The first one will be an impasto

portrait painted Alla Prima (in one

sitting), building the paint from dark to

light with bold brushstrokes. We will

mix colours on the canvas using

thinner paint for the darkest shadows

and impasto for the highlights. This

approach is perfect for creating

dramatic depth and character.

The second one will be a layered

picture using the Grisaille (grey tone)

underpainting technique painted over

two days. This approach helps to

understand tonal values and facial

structure before adding a last layer of

soft colours blended for a subtle skin


All reference material will be supplied

along with specific mediums for

classical painting. Mike always works

with a limited palette so there is no

need to buy a large range of paints.

You will learn about good

compositions, how to draw freehand

or using a unique grid system, glazing

techniques, painting in layers, creating

facial structure and three dimensional

portraits. You will also learn how to

mix flesh tones, paint eyes, reflections,

hair and clothing.

Mike is a very encouraging teacher and

will help you build on your

achievements. He will help with

demonstrations, advice and

encouragement to build your

confidence and equip you with all the

knowledge you need to take what you

learn forward.


Mike Skidmore


Fri 9th September


Mon 12th September


Wye Valley


Bells Hotel





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