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Exploring Water Soluble Pencils/Pens & Watercolours

Carole Massey

7th - 10th July 2023


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We will explore different approaches

to using water-soluble pencils,

watercolours and water soluble pens

with some step-by-step paintings and

the opportunity to produce your own


On our first day, Carole will

demonstrate a wide range of

techniques for using each medium, and

show you how to paint skies, trees,

water, as well as two step-by step

paintings. The first one will be a

landscape using water soluble pencils

and then we will do a figure study

using the pens with watercolour

added. These exercises will help you

master the many ways these inspiring

media can be used to enhance your


On subsequent days you can choose a

subject of your choice. You can paint a

landscape, a portrait, a seascape etc

or work from Carole's examples on

display. Please bring suitable reference


Water soluble pencils are an extremely

versatile medium. They can be used as

a drawing medium or magically turn

into a watercolour when wetted.

Water soluble pens can also be an ideal

sketching medium and produce

exciting effects when watercolours are


Carole's approachable style of

teaching will enable you to get the

most from your paintings as she will

assist you with plenty of one-to-one


Also, through a combination of

demonstrations and tips & techniques

she will show you how to get the

results you want whether a complete

beginner or a more accomplished



Carole Massey


Fri 7th July


Mon 10th July


Wye Valley


Bells Hotel





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